BUSINESS ENGLISH: 10 palabras que debes conocer para negociar en inglés.

Hemos seleccionado estas palabras, en contexto de negociación (pueden tener más acepciones), para nuestra primera sección de vocabulario en Business English. 

PROPOSAL: Argument to present. ES: Propuesta

Our proposal was to enter with low prices

DEMAND: Needs or expectations ES: They had last minute demands

OBJECTIVE: Main goal for your outcomes ES: Objetivo

The objective of the strategy is to improve the sales

BARGAIN (verb): To discuss and come to an agreement ES: Negociar

We bargained on a three-year term

AGREE / DISAGREE: to come to one opinion / to differ in opinion ES: Estar / No estar de acuerdo.

Do you agree to the conditions?

BOTTOM-LINE: the lower you are willing to go ES: Lo mínimo que se está dispuesto a aceptar.

I will accept one dollar per unit, but that’s my bottom line.

RECEPTIVE: open to an idea ES: receptivo

The Government has not been receptive to proposals

RESOLVE: end conflict / to come to an agreement ES: Resolución

We resolved the old problem with a new approach.

TACTICS: strategies for obtaining a specific goal ES: Tácticas 

There are certain tactics that all skillful negotiators employ

CONSENSUS: Agreement by all ES: Concenso

Tough decisions are inevitable and consensus not always possible


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